Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Fun Can a Latex Glove Be?

How can you make a little boy's day and bring big smiles?
Bring out a medical latex glove that you swiped from the E.R. from your last visit.
Shhh! :)
Then you stretch it over your boy's head.
This might take a few tries; make sure he leans into it!
And, Voila!
Chicken Boy is Born!

And One Happy Boy is Created!

He was definitely acting silly once this was on his head!

Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

Too Funny!
As a side note, Gideon, Maia, and I were out running errands yesterday.
It was downpouring when were about to drive into the parking lot of the grocery store.
I prayed a little prayer out loud.
"Dear Lord, please help us find the perfect parking spot so Maia does not get too wet. Amen."
Gideon sees an open parking spot that is pretty far away and announces that he found the spot Jesus wants us to have.
I see it and I tell him that I am not so sure that is the "one".
Gideon then says that this is the one Jesus wants us to have and we need to be thankful for what the Lord has provided us.
Out of the mouth of babes. I took another look at the parking spot with new eyes.
Even though it was very far away from the entrance to the grocery store (five stores down might I add), but now I see that it really is very close to the front of the plaza and we can run pretty quickly to shelter.
I announce thank you Lord Jesus for what you have provided.
"Yep!", announces Gideon "the perfect spot; thank you Jesus!"

Officially a Kindergartener

This week we attended Gideon's PreK Promotion Ceremony at Calvary Academy.

It is so hard to believe that our little boy will be attending Kindergarten this coming year. It just seems like yesterday I held him in my arms for the first time or I cut his little locks from his head while he sat in his highchair. Boy, time has flown.

I know that most parents can identify with these statements. As a child I heard my parents say similar comments, but could not truly understand what they were saying until now. The months and years sift through my fingers like sand. I cannot hold onto them as much as I like.

I try to be a parent that relishes each moment and truly enjoys the little things of my children. Because of this attitude, I feel that time has been a bit slower for me than it could have been. It has been a real treat to be Gideon's momma and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity I have had with the my son these past five years! It has been a wonderful experience.

While I was driving Gideon and Maia around today. Gideon was feeding Maia a bottle in the back of the car and she started to giggle. It was a fun sight to watch my Gideon's eyes light up as she continued to belly-laugh at him. I asked him if he was getting a kick out those giggles and he replied..."Mom, you have two adorable kids don't you?!?" Yes, I do, Gideon! But I definitely have one amazing young man blooming before my eyes!

Gideon walked down our apartment hallway after his ceremony this week and announced...

"I am officially a kindergartener, aren't I mom?!?"
"Yes, you are, Gideon!"
"What does officially mean, mom?"
"It means that you really are a kindergartener, Gideon."
"Yes, I really am!"

Yes, you are babe and I couldn't be prouder!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ladybug Says Boo!

Maia wasn't herself yesterday.
She woke up limp and clammy.
We decided to head to the ER just to rule out anything serious,
especially with her special heart.
Of course by the time we arrived at the ER
She was back to her normal happy-go-lucky-self.
Before we left the house, her pulse was 174, in the SVT range,
but while we were at the hospital,
She was in her normal range of 130's or so.

Oxygen levels looked great too.
She was never blue, but very clammy.

So we hung out and waited for the docs to tell us to go home.

Momma was even brave and took a pic of herself.
Even though she still had bedhead and was make-up free.

We aren't sure what happened and the docs don't know either.

We hope it doesn't happen again.
We are wondering if maybe it could have been the sweet potatoes
she had the previous day.

Well, she was the hit of the ER and she flirted with every nurse and EKG tech
she could find.
Thank you, Lord for keeping our daughter safe!
No more sweet potatoes for quite some time...if ever!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

April Rose

For the past two months I have had a link up on my site for Little April Rose, a baby who had been diagnosed with Trisomy 13. The mother was an unwed Christian lady who was now telling her story along with that of her unborn daughter. It has been discovered this week that the whole story was a farse and many were misled to pray and to also give funds to this young lady, now known as Beccah.

MckMama and many other reputable bloggers have come forward to reveal the new details even further. I will not go into any more detail about this but you may want to go to McMama's site for further information, she has a great description of what has been discovered. I would also agree with MckMama and others that we need to pray for this miguided young lady and that the Lord would use this situation for His glory in her life and that of others and not allow Satan to have a foothold.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Most "Pleasant" Evening!

Pt. Pleasant Beach and Boardwalk on a Saturday Night!

We're Waiting For Daddy to Bring the Grub.
Hmmm. Will He Ever Get Here? I'm Hungry!

I'm good! I've had my bottle already.

Food has come and Momma is chowing down on some yummy corn.

Gideon is flying in a helicopter ride! He's definitely happy!

Very Pretty Evening = All the Locals are Out to Have Fun Too!
Wait until after school is over then all the Philly and NYC people will join us as well!

Head out on the Highway, Searching for Adventure!

I'm not sure about this one guys????

Waiting for Gideon to Get Done with His Rides is Fun with Momma and Daddy!

This one is for the Grandparents? Okay! I'll bat my eyelashes and give it all I got!

Family of Four Pic! Our first one since October!

Fun at the Shore!

Daddy getting ready to pose with Maia by the shore too.

Oops! That COLD shore got his toes. A bit cold I presume???

Gideon doesn't mind! He loves it!

Daddy and Daughter

Momma and Daughter

Won a Prize on the 1st Try! WTG, Gid!
It truly was a most "pleasant" evening!
It just makes you breathe in easier!
It makes you exhale with satisfaction.
It was wonderful!