Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Fun Can a Latex Glove Be?

How can you make a little boy's day and bring big smiles?
Bring out a medical latex glove that you swiped from the E.R. from your last visit.
Shhh! :)
Then you stretch it over your boy's head.
This might take a few tries; make sure he leans into it!
And, Voila!
Chicken Boy is Born!

And One Happy Boy is Created!

He was definitely acting silly once this was on his head!

Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

Too Funny!
As a side note, Gideon, Maia, and I were out running errands yesterday.
It was downpouring when were about to drive into the parking lot of the grocery store.
I prayed a little prayer out loud.
"Dear Lord, please help us find the perfect parking spot so Maia does not get too wet. Amen."
Gideon sees an open parking spot that is pretty far away and announces that he found the spot Jesus wants us to have.
I see it and I tell him that I am not so sure that is the "one".
Gideon then says that this is the one Jesus wants us to have and we need to be thankful for what the Lord has provided us.
Out of the mouth of babes. I took another look at the parking spot with new eyes.
Even though it was very far away from the entrance to the grocery store (five stores down might I add), but now I see that it really is very close to the front of the plaza and we can run pretty quickly to shelter.
I announce thank you Lord Jesus for what you have provided.
"Yep!", announces Gideon "the perfect spot; thank you Jesus!"