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Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Exclamations for Teachers!

Okay! I was grading papers today and just wanted some more creative words than what I had been using lately so I decided look up exclamations and interjections from the English language on Google. Then I still didn't feel quite satisfied so I then cruised the Exclamations and Interjection lists of Spanish and Italian (since we use those quite often in our language as well). Here is my collection of fanciful words to use when grading papers. Please feel free to swipe any you would like. I printed my list off and now have them posted with tape on the side of my computer monitor so I have easy access while I am hunched over my students' papers!

All Hail
Hot dog
Jeepers Creepers
Hot Dog
My Word
Never Ceases to Amaze!
Just Right
Past Perfect
Goodness Gracious
Oh My!
Che Bello!
Meno Male! (thank goodness)
Muy Bueno

Please leave a comment of any you think I should add! I love to give my students something a bit unexpected! It makes the day more delightful! Hey! There is another word I didn't have. Add "delightful" to the end of that list!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bridge

This is one of my all time favorite videos off the internet and even though I posted this last year on our blog I thought it was time for a resurrection! I wanted to make sure that all my friends got an opportunity to see a wonderful analogy of the ultimate sacrifice for mankind! Absolutely beautiful and so very humbling! Enjoy, but get out a'll need it!

I just wanted to let you know as well that God has performed a mini miracle this week! Dr. Rivera is going to see Maia tomorrow after all that rigamoro with the insurance! We are so very grateful to our Lord for opening doors and obliterating obstacles concerning this matter!

Thank you to those who prayed over this situation! We are so grateful to Dr. Rivera, as she is the one who made the initial prenatal diagnosis of Maia's condition which led to our amazing medical intervention at CHOP! She is so key to the positive outcomes for Maia thus far.

I really feel like the enemy was trying to thwart this care for our daughter this week, but he did not reign victorious! Amen! Thank you, Lord, for your supreme intervention in our lives and in Maia's life! We are completely humbled by your love and care for us!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Momma's Mutterings

Okay...I was trying to use alliteration for my "witty" title, but I don't think it gives just desserts to my mom's amazing updates. Alas, I could not think of one word that relates to updates or new happenings. If you can think of one, leave a comment at the link below this post and I'll be happy to let everyone know your idea for the magical "m" word and attribute it to your amazing mind! :)

Seriously, though, my mom sent out an update to everyone on her email list and I wanted to make sure that it got out to my circle of prayer warriors as well! You guys are amazing and I don't want to miss an opportunity to share what is going on with my mom an d her ins and outs with this battle with cancer.

Here is my mom's words from today...

Hello to all my friends and faithful prayer warriors. Thank you for keeping our family at the top of your list. As I wrote last week, the oncologist did not want to have me go through the 5th chemo treatment due to the cough and congestion so everything, including the repositioning of my port, was moved back a week.

I called the office yesterday just to give them a heads up that I felt I was worse than last Tuesday, not better. They scheduled me for a chest x-ray first thing today and then I met with the doctor immediately after. The x-rays still showed no pneumonia but when he listened to my chest he said, "Oh, there are lots of 'rice crispies' going on in there." (Meaning that he could hear the snap-crackle and pop of the congestion moving through my lungs.) He got to hear first hand the tremendous coughing which this week resulted in pulled back muscles and a burst eardrum.

I can't describe to you how very debilitating this cough is. I try to sleep on an incline so as to get better air flow but last night I kept waking every 30 minutes, not to coughing, but to the strangulation of my air pipes as they are shut off. That results in coughing so I can clear those airways and reposition the congestion. Then I sleep for another 30 minutes until it happens again. So frustrating!

I could tell the doctor was frustrated, too. He was quite adamant that I couldn't go through with the chemo treatment today. He fumbled around with his thoughts on what he might prescribe which would break up the congestion. Finally I said, "My friend Nancy told me that I should suggest Zpak. What do you think?" He jumped on it right away, saying, "Yes! That's a good idea!" So the plan of action now is to start on the ZPak and if I am even remotely better by Friday I'm to go back in and they will try the chemo treatment.

This has its advantages and disadvantages, however. The disadvantages are that I will, for the rest of my treatments, have them on a Friday. My work schedule right now has revolved around my treatments being on Tuesdays or Wednesdays so those have been my days off. Now this means all of that will have to change. The advantage, however, is that Fridays are Tom's days off during the week. He can now take on the responsibility of getting me to and from treatments. I don't know how he feels about that but I think it will be good for him to experience some of what I deal with every three weeks. So, there my friends, you have it. I guess the prayer request for this time would be that the ZPak will do the job and that by Friday I am improved enough that they can start on the next chemo treatment. Oh, and the port surgery has been postponed until I can get back to "normal".


Again, thank you for your prayers for all our family!

As a bit of an update to our post from this past Saturday, Kenny did find out that it does appear to be a problem with the insurance company and that it was human error. We don't know if we are going to be able to repair our relationship with Maia's cardiologist however. This is where we could use a miracle right now. We are praying that the Lord provide us an opportunity to rectify this situation and that Dr. Rivera's office will miraculously start accepting the payments from the insurance company and the phone calls from the vice-president of the company who is now apparently on the case.

On a good note, Kenny's work is getting new accounts this week. The Lord never ceases to amaze us and he is listening to our prayers! Thank you so very much!

Oh...I gotta post a picture of Maia in one of her new outfits she received this week as a hand-me-down! I love it so much! Thank you so much, Amy Walsh! Please tell your friend thank you as well! The clothes are adorable and she is in all her cute glory! You gotta love the hat! :)

Pardon the Drool Stain! hee hee

Karg Family Update on Veiyah!

Thank you so much for praying for little Veiyah. Ani has a wonderful post that she put out on her blog this morning. I will let Ani tell you what is going on in her own words! Click on the link on my sidebar that Has black and white button of Veiyah and her sisters. This will take you diretctly to their site and the latest amazing post!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Those Eyes!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

I Wonder What God is Up to Now?

I have been reading "Louder Than Words" by Robert Stanley. It is a book on Godly character. I have been reading and discussing this book with my ninth grade literature class. It is a book that they need to be reading for their Bible course and I am working with them on comprehension, vocabulary, summary skills and more. Well, anyway, today we were discussing how the author's idea that it is in our weaknesses where we become more spiritually intimate with God and therefore develop a more Godly character. It was a great discussion today.

Also, in devotions, a colleague (Roxanne Southcott-Roberts), shared from a book she has been reading. I am not sure what the exact title was but I think it was by Kathy Lee DeMoss and it was about the refiner's fire and purifying silver. It really touched me about how the silversmith is constantly right by the fire watching the silver ore as the impurities little by little are exposed and cleared away by the smith as the fire is administered precisely at just the right times with just the right amount of heat. He doesn't give up until he can see his reflection perfectly in the silver, until then it remains in the fire slowly emptying the impurities out. I really related to this anecdote of our Christian lives as my family has definitely been going through some refining this year.

Little did I know that these two lessons were a bit of a preparation for me. I was about to hear some sobering news at the end of the day where I needed to be in the right frame of mind, knowing that my Lord, my Father, has me right where he wants me....right where he wants us, my family. I definitely talk the talk at school with my students and they have seen me walk the walk, but now is another chance to walk the walk one more step.

We got a call from Maia's cardiologist today AND NO THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH MAIA's HEART so please do not panic for her. She is doing great!

Now, back to the story...the office called and the last two checks from our health insurance company have bounced. Now each of Maia's office visits with the echocardiogram and EKG run about $1,400.00 per visit. She used to have them once every week, but we have finally weened to once a month.

The office has informed us that we cannot bring Maia back to Dr. Rivera unless we have at least $700 for this next visit, if not don't even bother coming next Friday.

Kenny's work covers our insurance and it is a self-funded policy, so his company basically pays the medical bills. What does this mean? It means that Kenny's company is so bad off financially that they cannot cover their insurance plan.

This brings so many questions to mind. Will Kenny have a job for very long? Will this upcoming paycheck be there next week? Should we try to get on to my school's health insurance plan for emergency reasons. It is much more expensive and does not even compete in the type of coverage we have been getting through Kenny's work...well at least up until now.

Of course our main concern right now is that Maia get the medical attention and monitoring that she needs to continue to thrive and progress as she has. Dr. Rivera's office was very understanding and they have seen this happen before, but they also needed to set boundaries which is very understandable.

Now, let's go back to the God part of this. What is God up to now? I am excited to see. Am I nervous? Yes. But I need to walk the walk here. Here is another opportunity for Him! Guide us, Lord! Speak to us! Work through us! Work a miracle! Lord we give this to you and lay it down at the altar. Help us not to be tempted to try to fix this on our own! Help us to listen to your still small voice and know where you are pointing us. I want to be faithful! We want to be faithful! Praise you our Abba Father! Thank you for all that you are doing! We will wait to see what you have in store.

Here is an opportunity to become more intimate with you and to refine the impurities out! Okay, Lord. Here we go! You and our family! What a great way to go! The BEST!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, My Son, Your Are Too Much!!!

Okay, I have a Gideon story from earlier today in the car. While driving in the car after school, Gideon asked me if our family could go see a movie at the movie theatre tonight. I told him that it was a school night and that is NOT something we can do on a school night. It got quiet. I could hear the wheels turning in his head at this point.

He then lamented..."Mom, you are trying to be responsible, but you are not being responsible about this!" (Oh, my! This is where I almost busted out laughing, I really had to hold it in.)

I told him that I was being responsible because he had to get up early tomorrow and going to the movie theatre would cause to be up way too late.

He then tried to play the "Jesus-card". Again...oh, my son! He told me that Jesus would not want us to stay at home tonight and miss the theatre because there are alot of people around the world who can't go to theatres and have fun. What does this have to do with us, Gideon? It got quiet again and this time he had to concede. He had nothing to come back with this time.

Wow! What an amazing conversation and I was very surprised that my son finally decided he couldn't agrue his train of thought with me anymore. I love my son! What creativity and what a vocabulary!

"Responsible???" What four year old comes up with that?!?! Gideon...that's who!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V's Knees

Click on this button above and it will take you to the updates for the Karg Family concerning little Veiyah. She survived another surgery yesterday. Please continue to lift this family up in prayer. Veiyah is doing okay, but still in PICU. Thank you for all the prayers you have sent up to the Lord so far! God is at work!
I have this button on my sidebar for future reference so you don't have to find this post to link to the Karg's blog.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine' Pancakes with Love!

I gotta get my beauty rest for Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Mommy's making pink valentine pancakes!!!! Fun!

This Valentine had to big of bottom so Mommy practiced her Easter pancake instead.

Ew! Maybe we won't go this route for Easter. Mutilated Bunny Face might freak out the kids!

Gideon getting ready to eat his yummy pancake! Cool Beans!

Let's get a close up of those gorgeous eyes! I Only Have Eyes for You!
That was played at our wedding reception and we danced to that song on our Engagement night.
Love that song!

OK, MOM! I agree! This is freaky! It's Freddy Bunny! Yikes!

Gifts for My Two Loves!
Gideon's card played "ABC, easy as 123"!
Kenny's card played "What I like about you!"

Maia all dressed up in hearts for this special day!

Monster's Inc socks for V-Day?!? Well of course!

Where's My Sister? I gotta find her!

Gideon giving his sister some Valentine Love....well sorta! :)

Hmmm! I think I'm a bit traumatized!

Na!!! I was just joking! I love Gid...seriously!
Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and family!
We love you all!
WE miss you too!
Love, Kenny, Trina, Gideon, and Ladybug Maia

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Conner!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Conner!
Happy Birthday to You!
Gideon, Maia, Aunt Trina, and Uncle Kenny all wish you a Happy and Extra Special 3rd Birthday!
Hope you have a wonderful time with your Grandma and Grandpa!
Happy Valentines Day too!
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Pretty In Pink

Maia received this cute little outfit from her Great Uncle John and Aunt Sharon for Christmas!
It fits her just in time for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Veiyah

For an update on little Veiyah, please go to the sidebar of my blog and their is a buton with a picture of Ani and Jeremy's daughters and the words Pray for Veiyah. If you click that button, it will link you directly to their site and the update. They have pictures of her that are post-op and she is looking pretty rough, but very typical for the surgery she underwent. It can be a shock to your system at first to see such a sweet little baby with the tubes coming out every which way. Just prepare yourself.

I thank you all for your prayers. Veiyah is not out of the woods by any means yet, so continue to intercede for her and her family! The Lord is at work in her life and Jeremy and Ani are so grateful for their Christian brothers and sisters who are praying. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Whimscial Valentine Cupcakes

Gideon's Pre-K4 Valentine Party is tomorrow and I wanted to do a fun little cupcake for the kids. I hope they like them. Gideon helped me place the homemade hardened royal icing decorations into the buttercream earlier tonight and he is gnawing at the bit to get a hold of one these goodies before the party. Sorry Sweetie! You are gonna have to wait!

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Urgent Prayer Request

As I type this at 4:55 p.m. on Wed. the 11th, my friends, Ani and Jeremy Karg, are waiting while the doctor's work on their baby daughter, Veiyah. She was taken off bypass about 45 minutes ago (after surgery) and her stats started to plunge. She went back on bypass and the doctors are trying to correct whatever went wrong with the glen procedure for her heart the first time. Please, if you are reading this at a time where you think they still might be working on her, please get on your knees before the Lord Almighty our Jehovah Rapha and pray for her heart to work correctly, the doctor's hands, her brain while she is on extended bypass, and for her parents and family. Thank you!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Okay, One More Time

Okay, I just had to make one more post with a shot that was more close-up so you could get a better look at that awesome smile and those chubby legs!
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Bath Time

Gotta Put Some Bathtime Shots!

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I think she is liking this clean thing! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Sweet Sixteen Niece!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!

We Love You, Larissa!

We Wish We Could Be There!
Have Fun on Your Big Day, Our Niece and Cousin!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yay, for SNOW!

We had some beautiful snow fall yesterday and I got some of it captured on my camera.

Gideon waiting on our balcony for Daddy to get home.

He is definitely excited and happy that Daddy wants to play outside after work!

I couldn't go out with them, because of Maia so this is the red-cheeked pic after the fun!

Maia sporting her new snowman bodysuit for the first time! Too cute!
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