Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh, My Son, Your Are Too Much!!!

Okay, I have a Gideon story from earlier today in the car. While driving in the car after school, Gideon asked me if our family could go see a movie at the movie theatre tonight. I told him that it was a school night and that is NOT something we can do on a school night. It got quiet. I could hear the wheels turning in his head at this point.

He then lamented..."Mom, you are trying to be responsible, but you are not being responsible about this!" (Oh, my! This is where I almost busted out laughing, I really had to hold it in.)

I told him that I was being responsible because he had to get up early tomorrow and going to the movie theatre would cause to be up way too late.

He then tried to play the "Jesus-card". Again...oh, my son! He told me that Jesus would not want us to stay at home tonight and miss the theatre because there are alot of people around the world who can't go to theatres and have fun. What does this have to do with us, Gideon? It got quiet again and this time he had to concede. He had nothing to come back with this time.

Wow! What an amazing conversation and I was very surprised that my son finally decided he couldn't agrue his train of thought with me anymore. I love my son! What creativity and what a vocabulary!

"Responsible???" What four year old comes up with that?!?! Gideon...that's who!


Mama Blue said...

Awe Gid! We love you!