Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ladybug Says Boo!

Maia wasn't herself yesterday.
She woke up limp and clammy.
We decided to head to the ER just to rule out anything serious,
especially with her special heart.
Of course by the time we arrived at the ER
She was back to her normal happy-go-lucky-self.
Before we left the house, her pulse was 174, in the SVT range,
but while we were at the hospital,
She was in her normal range of 130's or so.

Oxygen levels looked great too.
She was never blue, but very clammy.

So we hung out and waited for the docs to tell us to go home.

Momma was even brave and took a pic of herself.
Even though she still had bedhead and was make-up free.

We aren't sure what happened and the docs don't know either.

We hope it doesn't happen again.
We are wondering if maybe it could have been the sweet potatoes
she had the previous day.

Well, she was the hit of the ER and she flirted with every nurse and EKG tech
she could find.
Thank you, Lord for keeping our daughter safe!
No more sweet potatoes for quite some time...if ever!


Jolanthe said...

You are such a good mom - taking all the fun ER pictures. I would never {haha} do that! :) My poor children are never immune to the camera!