Monday, June 1, 2009

A Most "Pleasant" Evening!

Pt. Pleasant Beach and Boardwalk on a Saturday Night!

We're Waiting For Daddy to Bring the Grub.
Hmmm. Will He Ever Get Here? I'm Hungry!

I'm good! I've had my bottle already.

Food has come and Momma is chowing down on some yummy corn.

Gideon is flying in a helicopter ride! He's definitely happy!

Very Pretty Evening = All the Locals are Out to Have Fun Too!
Wait until after school is over then all the Philly and NYC people will join us as well!

Head out on the Highway, Searching for Adventure!

I'm not sure about this one guys????

Waiting for Gideon to Get Done with His Rides is Fun with Momma and Daddy!

This one is for the Grandparents? Okay! I'll bat my eyelashes and give it all I got!

Family of Four Pic! Our first one since October!

Fun at the Shore!

Daddy getting ready to pose with Maia by the shore too.

Oops! That COLD shore got his toes. A bit cold I presume???

Gideon doesn't mind! He loves it!

Daddy and Daughter

Momma and Daughter

Won a Prize on the 1st Try! WTG, Gid!
It truly was a most "pleasant" evening!
It just makes you breathe in easier!
It makes you exhale with satisfaction.
It was wonderful!


Mama Blue said...

I would venture to say you all had a great time! I love love love the picture of you and Maia on the shore. Beauuutiful :)