Sunday, June 21, 2009

Officially a Kindergartener

This week we attended Gideon's PreK Promotion Ceremony at Calvary Academy.

It is so hard to believe that our little boy will be attending Kindergarten this coming year. It just seems like yesterday I held him in my arms for the first time or I cut his little locks from his head while he sat in his highchair. Boy, time has flown.

I know that most parents can identify with these statements. As a child I heard my parents say similar comments, but could not truly understand what they were saying until now. The months and years sift through my fingers like sand. I cannot hold onto them as much as I like.

I try to be a parent that relishes each moment and truly enjoys the little things of my children. Because of this attitude, I feel that time has been a bit slower for me than it could have been. It has been a real treat to be Gideon's momma and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity I have had with the my son these past five years! It has been a wonderful experience.

While I was driving Gideon and Maia around today. Gideon was feeding Maia a bottle in the back of the car and she started to giggle. It was a fun sight to watch my Gideon's eyes light up as she continued to belly-laugh at him. I asked him if he was getting a kick out those giggles and he replied..."Mom, you have two adorable kids don't you?!?" Yes, I do, Gideon! But I definitely have one amazing young man blooming before my eyes!

Gideon walked down our apartment hallway after his ceremony this week and announced...

"I am officially a kindergartener, aren't I mom?!?"
"Yes, you are, Gideon!"
"What does officially mean, mom?"
"It means that you really are a kindergartener, Gideon."
"Yes, I really am!"

Yes, you are babe and I couldn't be prouder!