Thursday, October 30, 2008

LadyBug Maia and Her 2nd Day of Life

Well, it is about 2 p.m. as I type out this post and Maia has been wheeled over to the cath lab to begin getting ready for her valvoplasty procedure as I write away. We have called a few of our family and friends to be specifically praying for her at this time. We are very much at peace and have had a time of prayer and worship with Maia this morning before she went in. If you see this posting before 4 or so, she is probably still in the procedure and we would love your intercession for her at this time.

We wanted to post some pictures from our morning with our daughter. We were able to hold her for the first time today and it was such a wonderful experience to be able to do so. It makes it so much more concrete that the Lord has given Maia to us and she is ours to take care of on this earth as a privilege from our amazing Lord!

Here are the pictures...

This is Maia with her Prayer Blanket that the Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church made especially for Maia and then prayed over before sending it to us! What a special treasure! Thank you so much! As you can see she is very cozy and comfortable with it in her bed.

The nurses made this little sign for Maia when they heard that I was wanting to do up her nursery in ladybugs! I love it! The bear in the background is from Yvonne, a good family friend!

Snoozing Away!

The nurse preparing Maia to be put in my arms. She was not a a happy camper!

A very happy momma finally gets to hold her little one!

All grins! We just need Gideon to be here to make it complete now. We can't wait until Sunday!

Making sure her prostoglandin line isn't pinched or tangled.

Special Ladybug from Grandma Judy!

Kenny can't believe how tiny his little girl is, but Gideon was just as tiny. How time flies!

Maia is content in Daddy's Arms!


Katie said...

She's so beautiful! Congratulations and praying that her cath procedure goes well today. She truly is a gift from above! You sound great too...hang in there and try to rest as much as you can :)
Katie (Maddie's mom, HRHS buddy)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby. My husband and I have been praying for a miracle in her little life and will continue to do so as she has her surgeries.

Jan Bradley
(Judy's college roommate at Southern State)

Little Miss Know it All said...

We are praying for you guys, as always! I wanted to share a story with you. We were just showing Kate the pics of Maia, and she suddenly reached out her hand, touched the photo of Maia and started praying her favorite prayer "God is good, God is great, and we thank you for this day. And we thank you for this Maia. Amen." Dylan's praying for her too. There's just something so powerful about the prayer of children! ;) Can't wait to see little Maia one day! You guys are just toooo far away!

Mama Blue said...

Conner and I have been praying for you all today. It is so cute to hear him say his cousins name! She looks so much like Conner and Brooks did in the picture with both you and Kenny :)
Love you,

david, blair, and sadie beth said...

What a sweet sweet baby girl! I'm so thankful for the ways that God is blessing you right now and will continue to pray for little Maia as she recovers from her surgery.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle John said...

Maia is absolutely beautiful. She looks so content. We have been keeping Maia in our Prayers throughout the day praying for a miracle in her little life.
We Love You All
Aunt Sharon and Uncle John

Anonymous said...

Trina, Kenny, Gideon and Maia...
I am so moved by the courage and faithfullness you each have shown individually and as a family throughought this time...Maia is God's beautiful creation..i have been praying for her lil body to be complete and whole in every way. 5 ladies is mobile,al. were all praying for Maia last night.
May God continue to work His wonders.
Much love, Sarah Simpson