Friday, October 31, 2008

Just a Little Update

We are waiting on the doctor rounds to come to a close. When the doctors do their rounds all the parents have to leave so they don't hear anything private / confidential according to HIPPA laws. So I thought I give you a little update.

Maia looks so much better this morning! She is a bit fussy (which we don't mind in the least!), sucking her binky incessantly, and opening her eyes to look at mommy and daddy. Her stats are much, much better! Thank you for the prayers of the faithful! God is listening.

She will start a mix of electrolytes and vitamin liquids in her IV line today. Maybe tomorrow she will start eating from a bottle. We shall see. Tomorrow is when the prostoglandin will be stopped. We will just need to wait and see how her right side of the heart will react and those wonderful oxygen levels.

Keep you posted soon (later today). She is in a really cute crotcheted hat that a nursing home resident created for the little ones here at CHOP. It almost matches her blanket identically! Gotta show you that!

Love You Guys! Ken, Trina, Gideon, and Maia