Thursday, October 30, 2008

At the End of a Long Day!

Pics first and Then a More Detailed Explanation
Maia after her cath procedure. The red and white bag on her left leg is to warm it up. They were having a hard time getting a strong pulse in that leg after the procedure. They hoped warming it up more would get that blood flowing. They have her spread out, instead of swaddled, due to the right leg needing to be stretched out for a few hours after the cath procedure.
Here is a closer view of our sweet daughter.

They started piling warm blankets on her because her temps were to low after the cath. That bottle at the top right corner of her bed is actually a big vile of blood that is being pumped into her as well. They hoped this would get that blood pressure back up.

Stephanie and Adrian come to say hello to little Maia! We were so very glad to see them! It was so nice to have familiar faces here!

We love our friends!

Sorry that this is such a late post. Maia did have her cath procedure with valvoplasty. The doctor told us that it was successful at dilating her pulmonary valve. Now the right ventricle needs to respond. The right ventricle is narrow and rigid right now and so it is reacting a bit too strong to the new flow on that side of the heart, but the doctor believes that it will compensate throughout the days, weeks, months, and years to follow.

What we need to look at now is her oxygen levels. She will be taken off the prostoglandin probably in a day or two. The ductus between the two sides of the heart will begin to close and that oxygenated rich blood from the left side will no longer intermingle with that of the right side. If her oxygen levels maintain at 85 or higher she might get to come home with us without any other procedure! This could happen in a week or maybe two or three. If her oxygen levels are too low, they might put her back on prostoglandin and do a weaning procedure to see if they can close the ductus more slowly and get the oxygen levels to an acceptable level. If it appears impossible,... then it will be off to the BT shunt option.

I do want you to know that she did lose some blood during the cath procedure today and had to have two different transfusions. When we arrived back at at the CICU, she was pretty low in her temps and blood pressure as well as low pulse signs in her right leg where they tried to start the cath, but ended up on the left leg instead. She appears to have a good rising temperature, but her blood pressure is still a bit too low for our liking (nurses seem okay with it, but this is just Kenny and me). Please be praying for stats to return to a more normal level.

We had a great surprise tonight! Stephanie Cruz, my vice-principal at Calvary, and her son, Adrian, came for a visit (all the way from Lakewood on a school night!) We were so very blessed to have them come and visit. Maia was pretty sedated still but they were able to caress her head and hands and feet and say up a prayer for her. Adrian commented on how nice and caring the CHOP was and no wonder they call Philly the City of Brotherly Love! I thought it was just a perfect comment! We think so too, Adrian!

Gideon is doing well this week with family friends, the Dolans. Nicholas is Gideon's best friend and it is quite a treat to be staying with this family. He usually has no time to talk with us when we call. He is so funny! This was my conversation with Gideon last night...

Gideon...Hi Mommy
Trina...Hi Gideon!
Gideon...Can I talk to Maia?
Trina....She is another room and cannot talk right now?
Gideon....OK, then are you in pain mommy?
Trina...No, I am just fine.
Gideon....Good , okay, bye then, love you!
Trina...Bye ( but he is already gone to play some more) :)

With Halloween upon us tomorrow, it is a day of such spiritual warfare. Please be lifting Maia up to the Lord and pray that He will put a hedge of protection around her even more so. Kenny really is sensing that this could be a hard day for our little one! Let us make it the Lord's day!

Again we love you all and thank you for your prayers! The Lord is Mighty to Save!

We have been focusing our a lot on reading the Psalms to Maia and singing worship songs to her at her beside. A dear friend, Kathy Angiletti, gave us this scripture that she felf the Lord impressing on her heart the other day...the whole chapter of Psalms 30. I will type this out tomorrow for the blog, but it is the passage that contains the following...
"Some trust in chariots, but I trust in the name of the Lord our God!"


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