Friday, October 31, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

We had a wonderful day with our daughter! She was interactive, peaceful, and just plain fun to be around. What a peaceful day! Thank you Lord!
Here are some pics of our day and a silent video at the end of her! :)
In the bliss of restful sleep

Yes Houston I am content
What DAD!!

Dad and Maia's first talk about boys

So are all guys like that???

Exhausted from our talk it time for sleep again. The blue bar is to stabalize her
arm from the IV placement for her blood transfusion yesterday.

Ouch those needles hurt!!!

Such perfect little hands

Always check the levels of my blood oxyegen if I stay at 85 or above I get to
go home. More on that later.

I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Getting Ready for my first IV Meal

Our Little Pumpkin

Sorry Guys...the video didn't upload and we will try again tomorrow!
First an foremost we want to thank you all for your continued prayer and support. This
time would be immpossible without the strength of God and the Body of Christ.
Tomorrow is another big day, they will try to wean Maia off her prostiglandin. This is the
medecation that keeps the ductus in her heart open and allows the blood to mix in both sides
if her heart and maintian high oxyegen levels. This will happen at 7am tomorrow. If her blood oxygen level stay at 85% or above for a week or more it would show the valvoplasty
was a success ad no other surgery will be needed for at least 6 months or at all. If the levels fall below 85% they will have to put her back on the medicine and try again a diffrent day. If there is continual failure the they would have to do the shunt surgery. We confidently wait on the Lord no matter the outcome for our child we desire the first but if that is not the will of God we will glorify him none the less. Again thank you for your prayers and support we will update you with more tommorrow.
Ken, Trina, Gideon and Lady Bug Maia