Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Waiting Till October 10th!

Two big things happen the 2nd week of week!

On Thursday, October 9th, my mother goes into surgery. She will be having a lumpectomy. Before the procedure they will be performing some other tests to see if the cancer has affected her nodes. If they have been affected, she will have some of her nodes taken out during the lumpectomy procedure for further testing. We hope that, of course, the nodes are NOT affected. This will ensure that she only needs radiation and not the full gammet of chemotherapy for 12 weeks and then radiation to boot. It would also mean that she is able to come up to New Jersey to see Maia before she starts her radiation treatments.

On Friday, October 10th, I will be going in for my next visit at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia). We won't really know any further details of Maia's progress and the date of the C-section won't be scheduled until then. We will have the full work up...meeting the OBGYN team and then have our time with the Fetal Heart team and do another work up on Maia's heart via the echocardiogram. We will even visit the CICU in order get idea of what to expect.

As far as personal mommy update, Maia is moving up a storm! She is kicking and rolling around, except when her daddy, Kenny, wants to feel her...she stops immediately. It is the funniest thing. Well, at least to me...not to Kenny. My stomach is growing exponentially lately and so I assume that Maia is growing pretty well in there. I have been experiencing nice swollen ankles and feet the past couple of days and hope it goes away. I never had this with Gideon, so it is definitely weird to me.

Gideon has been doing well. He has a parent pancake breakfast scheduled this Friday at his preschool and fortunately I have my planning period during that time and I can attend! I am excited since this is the first function I have been able to attend since he has been in preschool for over a year. I have been jealous of the mommies that get to go to the little plays and functions during the school day. Now it is my turn! Yippee! Gideon is also going on his first official field trip. He is going to an orchard to pick apples and pumpkins! It is on the same day as CHOP next week and we gave him the choice to come with us or the field trip, but the bus ride and pumpkins were just too tempting! LOL

Again we covet your prayers for my mother, Judy, as well as for our little one Maia! You all have been such wonderful prayer warriors for our family! Praise the Lord for all the blessings in our lives!