Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Did I Say RollerCoaster?

Wow! I thought last week was a roller-coaster, but this week has proved to be a loopy-dee-loop of one! On Friday, we were prepared for Maia to have a BT shunt procedure on Monday, but when we discussed the plan with Dr. Natarajan (her primary cardiologist here at CHOP) yesterday, she now thinks that Maia can be sent home as early as Wednesday. Whew! God is definitely blowing our minds. It is weird to think that we need prayer for trusting Him anew, but I must say that it has been a comfort to have the medical attention for our daughter the past couple of weeks. If she goes home, she will be an hour and a half a way from CHOP, but I keep reminding myself that we have be asking God daily to give the doctors wisdom to make the best decisions for our daughter and we need to believe that He is answering our prayers wholeheartedly. But is hard!

She is going to have a transfusion today to boost her oxygen levels and other stats. Babies normally loose hemoglobin and iron as they try to build their own storehouse away from their mommy's placenta. She is at a normal level for a regular baby, but Maia of course is a special girl, a heart girl, and she needs to be above a 14. Of course, she is at 13.9. LOL! The transfusion should take place soon, sometime in the next hour or so. They will watch her and if the hemoglobin and stats rise we could see her go home to Lakewood by Wednesday. Again it is wait and see.

After she is sent home (we hope)...she will see her pediatric cardiologist in Wall,NJ (Dr. Lloyda Rivera) every week to monitor her status. Dr. Rivera will determine if she might need to go back to CHOP for further procedures in the future, but of course we are praying that the Lord has healed her heart through the catheterization procedure from last week. Time will tell.
The docs believe that she will not have any emergencies while at home, but will just show indications via her visits with Dr. Rivera if she needs more intervention.

It has been wonderful to have my parents here since Saturday. I will hate to see them leave on Thursday or Friday. They have been such a comfort and support for our family during this time. Mom appears to be doing well this visit. Fortunately she can just sit back and relax and the hospital and not put to much strain on her body. Please be in prayer for her healing. The incision line from the mastectomy is not mending and healing well. This is the top priority request I have for my mother.

I promise to get some pics up on the website sometime this week of proud Uncle Joel and of the delighted Grandparents! Maia has taken to her extended family big time and loves to be held by all!

We love you all and continue interceding the Lord continues to be faithful as always!
The Sutherland Clan!


Anonymous said...

To God be all the Glory. Praise to Him for His faithfulness. We are continuing in our prayer for you all especially Maia's continued healing. Your mom will also continue to be lifted up for healing. God is SOOOOOO Good
Cathy, Anthony, Stephanie and Michael