Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rollercoaster of a Day!

Hello, Everyone!

We are so sorry that we have not posted in a few days! It has been crazy and our laptop is giving us fits. I think Kenny posted something to that affect a day or so ago.

We have been officially downgraded to the CCU from the CICU as of Sunday. Maia has her own room now. She appears to be doing well with her stats and her oxygen levels remain in the mid 80's to low 90's for the most part.

The staff announced to us this morning Maia was going to be discharged. They gave hint of this to us last night, but we weren't expecting it because an echocardiogram had not been done since Saturday and at that point her ductus was still open. We were very concerned that if it closed after we were discharged that we would not be able to make it back to CHOP. Well, when we found out this morning that we she was going home we were a mixed bag of emotions of happiness and concern. Kenny had to run to the closest Target and buy a carseat and some other items that Maia might need because we were so unprepared for this occurence. Yikes. We also had to take a CPR class today before she could be released. After we did all those things, she did have her "echo" and guess what....the ductus was very wide open and they decided that it wouldn't be best for Maia to go home. It was again a mixed bag of emotions....frustration but also affirmation of what we were feeling since last night. God is definitely watching out for our little ladybug but we don't want our human feelings to get in the way of His glory. I think we have been handling the rollercoaster okay, but we definitely want His spirit to shine in our lives to the staff and others while we are here.

So we are here most likely for at least two more days. They will likely do another "echo" on Thursday and see the status of the ductus again. My brother, Joel, is now here ! We are excited about this. As I am typing away, Joel, Gideon, and Kenny are driving back to Lakewood to drop Kenny off and then Joel and Gideon will return to the Ronald McDonald House later on tonight. Whew! That is one big day for Joel! I can't wait to see my brother! It is going to be such a special time with him as he is here for us and for Maia!

That is all for now. I could definitely write more...but I want to get back to our darling daughter before I have to leave for the night.

Here are a lot of pics that I have been taking since Saturday's updated pics. They are reverse chronological order this time. I am trying to do this blog as quickly as possible no fancy shamcy editting like I normally do. Hope you enjoy! We love you all and can't wait to share Maia with you in person, instead of just digitally! God Bless!

Last Hold fromDaddy Before Going Back to Work for the Week.

View from Maia's Window.

Maia's Big Girl Crib in the CCU.

Gideon Hamming It Up for the Camera Once More

This next Section I entitle Doting Big Brother!

Holding His Finger!

Such a cute little nose!

She is just so beautiful, Mom! (He has been saying this over and over)

I just gotta kiss her one more time!

God is just so amazing! I love her!

Ronald McDonald House shots from this morning.

Cafeteria with playroom at the end.

All the places that people have come from to get medical services for the children in Philly while staying at the House.

Eating a Yummy Cinnamon Bread and OJ for Breakfast this morning.

Mommy changing Maia for the first time in the CICU.

Gideon meeting Maia for the first time on Sunday night.

Gideon's present to Maia, a monkey named Neeshock. Gideon's made-up name of course.

First Kiss!

Thank you all again for your prayers for Maia and for my Mother, Judy!
God is Good All the Time!


Wright Family said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!! And, big brother is a doll too!!!

Megan Wright