Friday, November 28, 2008

It's a Beautiful Life!

I can "BEAR"LY stand how cute you are!

Just say "AWWWW". You know you want to!

Out Cold!

Momma is definitely camera happy! But who cares?

One more for good measure.

Getting to meet the Sutherland Family for the first time.

You are just too precious. I think I am going to have to check Aunt Becky's luggage for a baby before they leave on Saturday.

Don't you love the afghan that Paula Grandma made me!
I am picture perfect with it!
(Probably mommy's favorite photo of Maia to date!)

So this is a Papa Ken!?! Interesting!

Larissa and Maia

I'm glad Uncle Chris can get some relaxation around here...I think mommy drank to much Dr. Pepper today.

Thanks for the swig of milky goodness Cousin Brenna!

Larissa and Papa at the Thanksgiving table...about ready to partake.

Almost ready...we promise.

Paula Grandma and Maia having some bonding time.
Our familoy had beef tenderloin as the main meat for Thanksgiving dinner, but Gideon really wanted a turkey. So he got his own little (cornish hen) little turkey. He was very happy!

Eating Up.

Helping Paula Grandma with the Chrstmas tree!

Putting on the top! Gideon is satisfied now.

Mommy was taking on the pictures so she took one of herself and Maia to add to the blog. I promise I am here! :)

Well, I am home along today with Maia. I do not mind in the least bit that the rest of the family is in New York, New York. They are on the streets of Manhattan right now looking at the windows of Macy's and trapsing through Toys R Us, etc., etc., etc. I can't imagine taking a newborn through the windy streets of NYC today. So we are home. This down time gave me a chance to catch up on my blogging and uploading of pics from the past week. I got some cute ones!
We have had a wonderful time just chilling and hanging out with the Sutherland side of the family this week. It has been such an amazing blessing to have them up here to see Maia and to just be a family for Thanksgiving. Gideon is not going to know what to do after this family marathon is over. My parents might be back up near the Christmas holidays and then we might be going through another season without family.

We have also been blessed by many meals from our friends from our church at Cornerstone Calvary and also my "school family" at Calvary Academy. We have been eating so well. God has blessed us with such wonderful sisters and brothers in Christ here in New Jersey.
I talked with my mom the past few days and she had her first chemo treatment on Tuesday. She did fine Tuesday night, Wednesday, and then early Thursday the nausea started to hit. She has been doing moderately well with the help of an anti-nausea medication. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through the next 24 weeks of chemo then radiation starts up. She told me the other day the Lord only promises what we need; not what we want. He knows exactly what we need. Again...learning to trust him for my life and for those I love!
Maia is doing very well. On Wednesday, we checked her oxygen level and it was at 91! We called a few people on that one! It fluctuates but for the most part is has been in the 80's or higher. Her cardiologist said that there are no physical changes within the heart this week so we go for another appointment in 2 weeks. She seems to be stable enough that Dr. Rivera is willing to wait awhile before seeing me...that seems like a nice big positive.


Mama Blue said...

Oh how I miss being there! I am glad you are all having such a wonderful time and I hope someone remembers to kiss the kids for me!