Monday, May 18, 2009

Not My Lumbego?!?

Well, here goes another Not Me Monday,
originated by MckMama herself
and now presented to you by Suth-ern Momma
Well, where to start? Hmmm!
I, in no form or fashion, had completely sore legs today. I wasn't wondering at all why they were so achy either. It couldn't be from some cancerous tumor or fatal disease? Right???
No hypochondriac tendencies here!
Hmmm! Maybe all that re-organizing Gideon's room yesterday into Gideon and Maia's room, from all the bending over, up and down, picking up toys, putting toys away, moving beds, etc. Naaa!
Couldn't be!
I am not that out of shape that my legs would feel like a baseball bat was taken to them?
No way!
I did NOT look like an arthritic granmother feebly going up and down the school stairs today (why don't they have an elevator anyway!?! hee hee). I in no way caused a traffic jammed behind me of hungry high schoolers who were trying to quickly get to lunch so they could scarf down their ham and cheese hero sandwiches before being tardy to 6th period.
Oh, my lumbego (sp?)!
Oh, and I am not totally grateful for all those intercessors
and prayer warriors we don't have for our heart baby, Maia.
Nope! Not one little bit!
God NEVER EVER answers their prayers.
First, He never answered their amazing prayers for Maia's tricuspid valve and pulmonary valve to be enlarged more. It wasn't the perfect size for the valvuloplasty when she was born.
And Now...
She didn't grow almost 50% more in two months time, after we never requested those same prayer warriors to get down on their knees.
I am NOT totally and utterly humbled and amazed by our circle of friends and more so of our Lord God!