Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey Everyone!
My dad had a stroke yesterday and Praise Be To God, He is doing wonderfully. Here is my mom's email giving all the details.
Tom met Jim Bickley, a friend, for lunch today across the river on the Indiana side. As they sat down to eat Tom mentioned that his left hand felt strange. It wasn't until they had finished their meal and Tom tried to reach for his credit card, that he realized he couldn't move his hand at all. *
Jim promptly drove Tom to Baptist Hospital East where a team of medical personnel (nine in all) started working to get the necessary medicine, i.e. blood clot busters into his body. Before I arrived at the emergency room he had a CAT scan and then after I arrived they scurried him off for a MRI. About 5:15 the doctor came in to give us the results.
The CAT scan showed that some time in the past Tom had a small stroke. The MRI showed a stroke today in his right brain affecting the use of his left hand. He was admitted to the hospital where he will remain for three days while they get him started on an all out aspirin regimen, conduct tests to determine where the clot originated (neck or heart), and start physical therapy on his hand. They also will not let him come home until they can get his blood pressure down.
Tom is in good spirits and isn't experiencing much pain. When I left him he was begging for a steak. I doubt seriously that he will get one. In fact, he will probably be sorely disappointed in whatever they happen to bring. Please be in prayer that he will not suffer any undue stress during this time and that he will be allowed to come home in a timely manner
I appreciate your prayers for my father and also for my mother during this time ( for his recovery and for her stamina while trying to go to and from the hospital to visit him while recovery for chemo and getting ready for radiation) Fortunately, my mom's good friend, Yvonne Perry, is coming for a week starting tomorrow! Yay! She will be good medicine for them both.


Mama Blue said...

Trina I am praying for your family, which feels so much like my own! I wish I was near to offer my help to your mom.