Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pics from Thursday's Trip to CHOP

The bracelet that reminds so many of us to pray for Maia's healing and protection each and every day! Thank you MOM!

Gideon is Mini-Me Daddy on Thursday Morning Before I Leave For CHOP

The Ultrasound Room that I spent about an hour and a half laying on that wonderful sciatic nerve.

They even provided me with a wonderful box lunch (Turkey sandwich, tex-mex coleslaw, pear, chips, cookies, and a water). They are so considerate!

This is the entry into the special delivery unit right at the Children's Hospital. It is twenty feet away from the Children's ICU and the Fetal Heart Program Office that I have been going to the past week. I'll have to see if I can get some more pics of the rooms in the SDU it is pretty snazzy and made to order for families that will be dealing with quite a lot of stress after their little one is born.

This shot is pretty self-explanatory. This is the sign for the offices of the Fetal Heart Program.

This is the beautiful mosaic wall right across from the aformentioned sign. It has an adult hand reaching out for an infant's hand in the center of the artwork.

This is a beautiful mobile type sculpture that hangs in the atrium of the entry way of CHOP.

If you can't read this window, it reads..."CAncer is no match for Super Baby Little Lila Kay. Born with leukemia in April getting better since April. Many of the rooms windows that face this large lighted area of the hospital had similar encouraging signs for the kids and little ones.

This is the lighted entry way that Little Lila Kay's window faced. Many of the windows aligning this area have beautiful pictures and sayings drawn on the windows. What a great thing to allow the families to do!