Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mama Mia

Brother Joel and Mom (Judy) at her birthday celebration on the river two years ago.

Hello All! Well, if we weren't already facing what we thought was the maximum, we now have found out that my mom has a growth in her right breast. She will have a biopsy sometime this week, at the latest on Thursday.

For those of you who don't know this, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997, had a lumpectomy, and radiation treatments that year. She has been cancer-free since those procedures 11 years ago. A little over a year ago the she had a mammogram that revealed some more calcification deposits than normal and so she has been having screenings every six months just to be on the safe-side. Well, this last one had something on it that had not been there at the prior screening and it was large enough that my mom could see it on pictures being taken from across the room and she knew it was different too, before the doctor told her.

Please be praying for my mom, Judy. Pray for a peace during this process. Pray for the tumor/growth to be benign. Pray for her oncologist and that he can get exactly the sample that needs to be taken for an accurate reading. Pray for my Dad and the others in our family that we will be an encouragement and strength to her.

This has rattled her a bit more this time than last. She wants to be there so badly for Maia and for our family in a few weeks. She knows the routine from last time and is afraid that she won't be able to come up to New Jersey / Pennsylvania due to any procedures that need to take place immediately. I know God knows exactly how this is all going to work together for His Good, but I pray that He will help us to trust in Him during this time even more.


Katie said...

I found your blog through Madeline Lester's website. I was getting ready to post a comment and read yours (sorry for snooping). Our daughter is also a HRHS baby, born in March. She's 6 months old now, through the first 2 surgeries and is doing really well. I just wanted to pass on our blog to

We also found out prenatally about her defect, Pulmonary Atresia, and those months leading up to her birth were excruciating. Until she arrived, it was very hard to deal with it all. We've been incredibly blessed and she's such a strong little girl. God has blessed us beyond what we ever imagined. He has also brought some wonderful "heart friends" into our life and I know He sent me to you as well!

Praying for your family...
Katie (mom to Maddie, HRHS baby)
Royal City, Washington

Anonymous said...

Dearest Trina,
Yes I do remember (having your picture posted helped a lot too!). I am sorry that this has come upon you and your family. Oh but what a special baby girl you have coming! And oh how she will enrich your lives! One would never intentionally ask for a child with a heart defect, but in being the parent that God has blessed as such, it was a journey like no other. I am so grateful for each and every day we had with Madeline and live in the knowledge that we have eternity!

I will be keeping you all in my prayers and following little Maia's journey. Stay joyful, He is so very much in this! If you need a shoulder that understands you can email me directly at