Thursday, September 11, 2008

Great to See Maia Today

Well, I had a full anatomy scan for my ultrasound today. It was so nice to see pictures of her entire body and not just to focus on her heart. One fun comment the ultrasound tech said when she got to her Maia's legs and measured them and went..."Whoa! Who is the tall person in the family?!?" "Are you ready to be the shortest person in your family?" I thought that was really cute.

There was another mother in the lounge that was in obvious emotional pain. I don't know what the diagnosis of her little one was, but she was so devastated! Please pray for her and her husband. I wasn't able to get her name before I left for my next appointment with the OB doctor. I pray that our paths will cross again so that I may have an opportunity to encourage her in the Lord.

Dr. Bevington, my OB, and I had a small meeting. There was no physical examination other than the ultrasound from earlier before. We just talked about some different delivery options.
It looks like my C-section will be scheduled sometime in week 38 of the pregnancy. That is anywhere from October 27th through the 31st. I am hoping we can push it to November 3rd so that Kenny can have that full week with me. He has one week of vacation left ( 5 days) and then that way he will definitely be available if and/or when Maia's has to have any heart procedures that week.

Also, I don't think I explained this at all in my last major posting, but we asked about the protocol immediately after Maia is born. They told us that most likely we will be able to hold her for a few minutes and have time with her then they will take her on the children's ICU for the diagnostics to be run on her. They will watch for 2 to 3 days and then decide what procedure will be done performed, valvoplasty or shunt.

We are specifically praying that the tricuspid valve will grow and be healed. This would give her more of chance of not having the more invasive operation of the shunt.

My mom sent me the following email about a week ago about the Promise Bracelets she has purchased that have the word "promise" written on them (The meaning of Maia Elisabeth's name). She is asking people to wear these as a reminder to pray for Maia daily.

"Well, the bracelets are going world-wide! I sent out an email telling people about the "promise" bracelets at Coldwater Creek and people are going to purchase them. I've given out 20 here and I'm sending some through the mail to people who don't have stores in their area. Everyone will be wearing the bracelets in honor of Maia and will use them as reminders to continually bring her before the Lord, asking for healing. So far I have people wearing the bracelets throughout Louisville, Shelbyville, Frankfort, New Orleans, Dallas, Missouri, Florida, Connecticut, Alaska, Texas, Alabama, England, Wales, Kenya, China, Belgium, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Oregon."

Thank you to everyone who is wearing a bracelet and praying for our little one day by day from around the world! I am thoroughly in awe of our Lord Jesus Christ and his children! It is very humbling. We are living each day on the grace of the Lord as we put our hope in Him for his healing power!

My batteries are dead in my camera or I would put some pics of the bracelet and the shots I got from the hospital today. Oh well!


LeAnn said...

I just rec'd an e-mail prayer request from my sister-in-law, Vicki Rogers. She and my brother, Jeff, are good friends of Joel's. I have a daughter who had very serious heart issues as an infant. She will celebrate her 10th birthday next Wednesday. Keep up the prayers and the positive attitude. God is watching over your little one and your precious family. I'll be praying for all of you.