Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To "RVA" OR NOT "RVA"? That's the Question!

If the following entry is not as eloquent as usual don't blame Trina, Ken is writing this one. As you all know we have a had a heart for missions since we both went overseas. It is one of the things that brought us together as a couple. We have sat on the sidelines for far to long. It is time to get in the game and think of only eternity because this world is fading fast. We desire to run the race not sit in the aide stand. To this end we have started the application process to teach at RVA (Rift Valley Academy) in Kenya. Trina as a special ED teacher and myself as a construction supervisor for the school. We earnestly seek your prayers and wisdom, as this is a huge step for our family. We so desperately want to be used by GOD we only hope that this is his plan and not ours. The next step would be to go for a year and then return to raise support for the longterm. There are many obstacles in the way such as school loans, a lease till October ( we would need to be in Kenya in August), and of course the support we would have to raise for the year. To this end I am getting a second job on the weekend to attack the loan and car issue. We would still need a miracle to get all of it paid off by August on top of raising support but GOD is able. Please join as we move forward seeking Gods plan for the Sutherland Family. We love you all.

Ken, Trina, and Gideon.

Check out the following Link for RVA