Saturday, February 16, 2008

Skateboard Ramp Cake

Well, I have been pretty busy the past two days. I have been hired to make a birthday cake for a student's party today. Yesterday was a school holiday so I took advantage of that extra time and started baking cakes early in the morning.

The mother likes only all natural cakes, no mixes, and so I had to research white cake recipes on the internet. I thought I found a good one, but after they came out I am not so sure anymore. The saving grace of this cake is that it has tons of frosting and hopefully it will help the cake overall. The student is into skateboarding so I recommended a skateboard or ramp cake. He chose the later one.

Here is the finished product. The first shot is without the wording or figurines. I only had my large frosting piper at the house. We still have a lot in storage. So the wording is a bit chunky, but at least the whole affect is pretty chunky as well.l.


Anonymous said...

How did you make it into a ramp? Please let me know and please contact me @ Thanks and great cake!

Anonymous said...

yeah that's a cool cake but how did u do it???? can u email asap i need for friday 8-22-08 thanks