Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's Day!

Gideon and Momma have been busy this New Year's Day. We have been building a tent-house for Gideon. He has most of his favorite stuffed animals in it.

Kenny is laid up right now. Yesterday Kenny was walking across the bedroom and "kink!" his backed was thrown out! He has been in really severe pain. Please be praying for him. He goes back to work tomorrow and really needs to be feeling much better than he is now. We are hoping it is just a pulled muscle and not a slipped disk. He can barely make it across the room right now.

School starts tomorrow for Gideon and for me. Only three days and then a weekend. What a treat!

Hope everyone had a great celebration last night. I sat home and watched HGTV to ring in the New Year since both my boys were in bed already. Fun! Fun! :)

Oh by the might have noticed that we now have audio on our video clips. We got a little video camera as well for Christmas and we can't wait to use it even more to make great memories!