Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthay, Becky!

Well, I am leaving the birthday music on for a few more days! Becky, Kenny's sister, is having a birthday! Yeah! She has her celebration day this Sunday the 27th. She usually gets to celebrate her birthday with many yelling men most years. Her birthday always comes on SuperBowl weekend. Awww, poor girl! Becky, we hope you have a wonderful birthday and we wish we could be there. Take Care, Sis.

On another note, Kenny received a wonderful package in the mail this week. For the past few months Kenny has endured a mask that was too large and was actually giving him a permanent hematoma right between his eyebrows. Ouch! Well, Dave and Janet Vogt, Toby's parents, sent Kenny a new mask that fits him perfectly this week. They owned a medical supply company and part of their stock was the sleep apnea machine equipment. I actually heard this great sigh of relief come out of him when he tried it on the first time. He immediately laid down and took a quick catnap with it on. It was perfect! Thanks, Dave and Janet! We appreciate it so very much!

This week has been nice. Only a four day school week. However, I am dealing with a lot of "girl" issues in my classroom right now and need prayer for them. I am actually thinking of having a girls' sleepover with a footwashing ceremony and communion as well as other activities. Hopefully this will bring more unity and more kindness into the lives of these girls on a daily basis. It is getting pretty intense with petty comments, emotions worn on sleeves, and more.

Gideon is starting to develop a bit of a cough. We have been using the nebulizer in the evenings before he goes to bed each night and it seems to be at least preventing the hacking from getting worse. Hopefully this will remain the case.

Again, best wishes to Becky! May you have a great birthday!