Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exciting Snow!

We had a great time after school today. It started snowing right before carpool. The kids in carpool line were all sticking out their tongues trying to catch snowflakes. I think I even stuck my tongue out until I thought some other parents or teachers might be watching me critically. I can't help it! I am just a big kid at heart when it comes to snow especially.

I was so excited when we got home and there was a bit of snow on the ground and the big wet flakes were still coming down! All the way home Gideon and I were commenting how amazing God was and how pretty he had made it on the trees, bushes, leaves and ground I kept hearing Gideon reflecting under his breath, "Beautiful!". I agree.

Well, we didn't miss our opportunity to play in the snow and fortunately I had just brought my camera home from school and I had it on me. I didn't have my new video camera, but at least I got some moving pictures of Gideon making a snow angel. It was so fun!

Thank you, Lord for small wonderful SNOW!