Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day at the Camden Aquarium

Kenny and Gideon had a wonderful day at the Camden Aquarium in NJ on Saturday. It is right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Mommy wishes that she could have joined them, but she had a marathon day at school getting grades, lesson plans, and bulletins boards updated. Report card grades are due by Tuesday morning of this week. But Daddy did a great job of taking pictures in lieu of mommy's absence. Thank you, Kenny!

Gideon says that his favorite things about the aquarium were: the SHARKS first and foremost, then the hippos, and then all the wonderful fishies. Kenny's favorite part was watching Gideon's pure amazement at each new exhibit. It was quite fun!

They did a four-D Sponge Bob presentation together at the aquarium. The audience got to participate with the 3-D movie and again Gideon had a lot of fun.

Gideon and Daddy took the long way home. As soon as Gideon got in the car, he was out like a light. Of course, I have to say, he was our "little sleeping tiger". He got his face painted at the aquarium. Once I saw him later on the day, I couldn't get him to stop growling and prowling. It was very cute.