Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homemade Lambie Birthday Party Invitations

My daughter, Maia, is turning 5 and has requested a
Doc McStuffins  / Lambie Birthday Party.  We decided to make Lambie Invitations
The end product was very cute and I decided to share the steps right here.

Step 1:
Take pink dessert plates and trim off the curved lip.  Then put a
stream of glue around the edge.

 Step 2:

Put 6 stretched out cotton balls along the edge, pressing cotton balls firmly into the glue.  Then take two more stretched out cotton balls and glue them a bit lower than center of each side for Lambie's ears.

Step 3:
Cut out a little bow for the top of Lambie's head and glue.  Then cut out little semi-ovals for the pink part of Lambie's ears and glue as well.

 Step 4:

I am pretty good at judging distance, but I realize this can be difficult for some.
I measured about 5 cm between the eyes and put some dots with a black permanent marker for a point of reference.  Then I made vertical ovals for the eyes with a space in the center or off center for reflection.  Then make three eyelashes for each eye.

The nose and mouth were drawn with light pink sharpiee.  The nose looks like a flattened out valentine heart, then draw a straight line down and make a wide smile with very small ovals at the end of each side of the smile.

Add some little pink freckles under the  eyes and fairly near the nose.

Step 6:

Wait until the little cuties  dry and then turn them over and write out your invitation.

Step 7:

Show your happy little girl!

These invitations are not very postal-friendly and probably will need to be hand-delivered.  We are giving out the invitations tomorrow at church.  :)  You could also use this as a party project or decorations if you don't want to use them as an invitation.