Friday, January 4, 2013

Resurrection Continued

Well, I am testing out my NEW Blogger App on my IPhone.  I wasn't sure how to get pics I was taking on my phone easily to my blog and then I thought...duh!  Is there a Blogger App and lo' and behold there is.  Not sure how great it is so far.  I don't like typing on my phone anyway for long posts, but I uploaded a pic from yesterday's morning coffee with my sweet girl #1 and it looks great to me.  Might need to touch up with Instagram first and then upload, but overall I am very pleased thus far.  Let me know if you have any reviews or criticism of the app, but for small short uploads it appears to be appropriate for my needs.

Maia enjoying a muffin and water while watching Mommy enjoying her Hazelnut Latte from Pearland Coffee Roasters! Mmmmm Good!  Oh and a Kolache ( gone! ) :)
Kolaches are a Texas thing we have learned about quickly. See highlighted link above.

I am going to add onto my list from yesterday.   

I am thankful for finally getting to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom!  It was a long-time coming, but with the move to Texas and Kenny's pay increase this is now possible.  It makes things tighter financially, but we see the benefits for our family for sure.  This past year and a half have been a learning experience.  It has been both wonderful and humbling.  As a teacher, I got to reap the benefits of watching other parents victories and blunders over the years and I pretty much knew what I wanted to do and what I definitely did NOT want to do with my own children.  Once at home, I was pregnant with our third in the matter of a month and many of my glorious plans went down the tubes to a point.  I was the most tired and lethargic I had ever been with a pregnancy.  Whew!  Many a day I lay on the couch much more than I like to admit.  Now that Ivy is here, she and Maia take up a lot of my time, which is not a bad thing...but the HOUSE is not necessarily as spic and span as I thought it was going to be when I first launched out on this new experience.  Oh well.  I enjoy spending my days with my girls and also being able to go to many a field trip or lunch with Gideon at his school.  

As a teacher, many of you know that lesson plans, after-school plans, and grading can take away from time you would like to spend with your family.  I have enjoyed this part best of all.  My sweet mom, for the past two Christmases have blessed us with a zoo pass and a museum pass for our family.  This has been a great opportunity to spend time with the kids, especially Maia during the school day.  We meet up with other mommies and their kids and take fun educational excursions.  I will have to do a blog about the Houston Zoo and some of its museums another time.

My hope and prayer for the 2013 as a SAHM is that I will be more intentional with our time together and make each opportunity a way to learn more about the world around us and enjoy it more thoroughly as well as the Great Creator of it all.  I also want to make technology less of a priority for all of us, so that we are learning more about what is in each family member's heart and enjoying each others spirit even more.

That's it for today.  Off to meet up with another Texas family in a bit.  Take Care!