Monday, September 20, 2010

Ladybug's Heart

Well, I am pleased to say that Maia's heart appointment two Fridays ago went very well. We were very much prepared for her cardiologist to say that she needed to have a heart cath procedure next month, but we got just the opposite. Her heart is looking fantastic.

Her VSD is only 2 mm in diameter. We thought he would want to go in and close via a catheterization process, but he said that it is not growing any larger and the cath won't be necessary! Woohoo! Praise the Lord!

Dr. Zales went on to say that her pulmonary valve continues to grow more in ratio with that of her left side and those thick walls keep getting thinner and thinner. We are just amazed!

Thank you, Dear Lord, for all that you have done for our daughter! For the prayer intercessors she has! For the amazing medical community that has intervened on her behalf! For your healing power for Your Glory!

She is a feisty, smiling, almost two year old who loves life! We love her so very much. May we be all we can be for her! Lord, please make us the best parents for this amazing child with HRHS.


Lora @ my blessed life said...

So happy that you got a great report! She's such a doll!!