Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun Friday with Fam

Uncle Micah, Cousin Kaya, and Maia are having fun together!
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Silly Pizza

One thing I really appreciate about the summer is the time I have to be more creative with my children. When I am off from school and the daily stresses are no longer lurking around every corner, I am freed up in my mind to be a more pleasant and fun momma. I try to be that way during the school year and I succeed every once and a while, but it definitely is more apparent during winter break, spring break, and during the summer months. I think it is partly because my brain takes a lot longer to geared up now and it just takes me longer to come up with inventive stuff.

So here is one of our little fun lunches. Now that I built up this "creativity thing" you are probably expecting this amazing feat of genius, but no...just a fun afternoon making silly pizza faces with my son, Gideon.

Of course, my final success came when Gideon tried out the pizza and told me that it actually tasted like real pizza. I think he fears my cooking. During the school year we do so much already, pre-cooked type meals that he doesn't know that his momma can actually cook. LOL Hopefully this year will be different. I have my new line-up of classes for the upcoming academic year and it looks much more stress-free than this previous bear of a year. I am excited to see if my kiddos can actually get a more on-top-of-it mother this year. We shall see.

Look at those cute little eyes looking up at you! You just have to smile. Right? :) (I'm not talking about the pizza's eyes either!) LOL

Final Product. The Crust was made from Costco's whole wheat wraps. They were very tasty!