Monday, October 26, 2009

25th Anniversary of Baby Fae

This video popped up on my home screen today at school and I just had to post this immediately.

Baby Fae was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome 25 years ago. At that time HLHS was a death sentence and there wasn't a baby born that survived. Her doctor did an experimental procedure and transplanted a baboon's heart into her little body. At the time, this caused much an ado concerning animal rights and medical ethics.

I am so humbled and inspired by the medical advancements that have been made since little Fae's birth. Thank you, Lord, for your intellectual imparting to these researchers and doctors since that time! Thank you, that Maia's doctors knew exactly what to do for her little heart last year, this very week!

Below is a trailer for a movie of Stephanie "Fae" that will be coming out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a Month!

Okay, Okay! Can you tell it has been a very hectic first month of school for me??? Between Kenny's new ministerial responsibilities and my teacher responsibilities we pretty much look at each other across the room in the evenings, give a knowing nod to each other, and hit the hay way much earlier than we have at any time this past year! Whew!

Oh, what? I didn't tell you what Kenny is doing now at church? If I didn't tell you, it wasn't intentional. Kenny is now the official men's minister at our church in Lakewood, NJ. It is a volunteer position and he still works his full-time job. He is loving his new minsitry and the Lord has given him such a gift of teaching! I am so very proud of him!

With ministerial position comes more expectations and responsibility however. It is a good thing and we know that God is in it, but he also needs to be at church for different functions about three nights a week. Add that to my Bible study I am taking and my teaching responsbilities and it adds up to quite a sum of "busy"ness. I am hoping things start balancing out a bit more.

Gideon is loving Kindergarten and is learning his numbers and letter sounds quite proficiently. Of course his favorite part of kindergarten right now is prize day. Every four days a student does not get his frog moved to the orange lily pad of poor behavior he gets a prize. Gideon is beyond "giddy" on those mornings of the prize-pick-out!

Maia is jabbering away, speed crawling, pulling up, and giving those great big smiles I love her for! I can't wait to celebrate her 1 year bday at the end of this month. I want to go back to CHOP and to the Ronald McDonald House to show our gratefulness for they did for Maia and our Family.

Well, busy-ness or not, we love you all and miss you dearly!