Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter!!!

We are so excited about seeing family and friends in a few days! We hope Maia cooperates on our long drive to Kentucky on Thursday evening. If she has a hard time, we might have to turn right around. Too much prolonged crying just wears her out and depletes her oxygen sats. Just be in prayer that it is a calm, happy, sleepy drive there.

I have some wonderful friends that have given Maia some absolutely beautiful dresses that are just perfect for Easter. Since she can't wear them all in one day, she adorned the first one this past Sunday. Here are the results. It was so fun to have my actual real baby doll to dress up for a change! So much fun!
Please continue to lift up my mom in prayer. She is still struggling with her taste buds and downing anything of nutritional substance. She is losing weight quite considerably. She is also going to be put on a new cocktail of chemo this Friday since the last one was definitely not the right mix for her. Hopefully this one will give her a break from the awful symptoms she has been having. Lord, please surround her with your peace, calm, healing power!
Also, Stellan is going in and out of SVT and more so today IN SVT. IT appears that a new physician in taking on his case and will treat him remotely unless Stellan requires surgery and then he will be airlifted to this new location. Jennifer does not want to reveal the location yet, but will divulge this at a later time. They are asking people to pray for wisdoem in each decision they are having to make for Stellan and of course for his healing power to be upon their son's heart.
Baby V, Veiyah, whom I have mentioned in the past for prayer has been having some struggles as of late once again. She was very sick with the flu and had to be admitted into the hosptial. While there she they were concerned about her eyes turning inwards and they did an MRI since they were concerned that it was a brain thing. Thank you, Lord! It was not! They were concerned that in the past that there might have been oxygen deprivation, but it looks like the eyes are correcting themselves. Continue to pray for this dear baby and this sweet family, Ani and Jeremy and big sisters as well.
Both these families have funds set up to help them financially. My mom also just emailed me about a family with a little girl, Kari, who is being treated at CHOP, Maia's birth hospital. She has major heart complications but it appears the Lord is miraculously at work in this little girls life.
I have a whole slew of links to heart buddies on my sidebar. Whenever you want an update on one of the these sweet heart babies, just give it a click. Thank you so much for your prayers for our new found friends!
We cannot wait to see many of you in a few days in Kentucky. My mom is wanting to have a get-together on Saturday or Sunday so if you want to come by let us know and we will see what we can do!


Mama Blue said...

I will be praying for an uneventful drive to KY. I am so disappointed to be missing your visit, especially because I will be there two weeks later!

Katie said...

She's getting so big!!! Beautiful too. I'm glad Maia's doing so well, what a blessing :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter and smooth travels!
Katie & Maddie