Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For Aunt Meaghan

Oh the frustration of Blogger sometimes!!! Arggh!
I have tried over and over to get this pictures to justify correctly. It looks fine on my edit page and then voila I go to the preview and it looks totally skewed.
So here you go! This is the best I could get it to go! Sometimes I just don't understand the idiosincracies of Blogger. Phmmmpt.

Our sweet Aunt Meaghan gave
this cute little onsie to Maia
before she was even born.
She is about ready to bust out
of it size-wise so I thought I
better get a snapshot of her
in it before it is too late!

Thanks Aunt Meaghan!
Don't I look cute even though
I am mesmerized by the flash
of my momma's camera?
How did you know I was going
to be so smart?!? You are amazing!

Little hand
for both my Grandmas!
We fold our hands in prayer
for each of you every night
that you might
get better!

Love You Guys! Seriously!


Anonymous said...

V has the SAME one! And her Auntie Bonnie gave it to her! :) I'll have to take a pic~ :) I love it! xoxo

Mama Blue said...

Awe, she is such a cute cookie too :) Thank you for letting me see it on her!