Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Update

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. I basically got out the habit while I was on my Kentucky excursion and since I have been back I have been a bit lazy about uploading my photos into the computer. It actually has been quite busy with Kenny, the pregnancy, and trying to get things ready for school this fall for both Gideon and I.

Many of you already know this but the most pressing news we have at this time is that we need prayer for our little one still growing inside my womb, Maia. A cardiologist performed an ultrasound on her on Monday and said that her right ventricle and right valve do not appear to be growing as fast as the left side of the heart. It can be a very serious condition once Maia is born. While she is in utero, I am oxygenating her blood, but once she is born her heart could have potential problems providing oxygenated blood to her lungs due to this condition. It really is a wait and see time for us right now. I have an ultrasound this coming Monday with my perinatologist and then another on Tuesday the 26th with the cardiologist. I will keep you informed as I know more.

Kenny has been doing pretty good since being released from the hospital two weeks ago. He has a had a few mild episodes with his heart racing and chest pains at night. His cardiologist is putting a halter monitor on him for two weeks this Friday to try to see the patterns more clearly. Kenny did say that he did feel the pressure in his chest after I told him the news of Maia earlier this week, so it definitely could be stress related. We shall see. Thanks again for the all the prayers you have said for him during this time.

Gideon and I are doing fine. In Louisville, we got to visit all the family. We went to the Louisville Waterfront Park, Chuck E. Cheese's, and to a few of our friends. We attended Southeast Christian Church the two Sundays we were there as well. It was a good time and ended early, but now with Kenny and Maia we know that it was just the right time to come back to New Jersey!