Saturday, May 10, 2008

Catch Up Blog

Well, I know that I have not been the best blogger since Spring Break Week. You can tell that I am in the homestretch of school right now. It is a busy time and taking a break to blog is low on the totem pole of priorities, especially when pregnancy "sleepiness" has also set in. I told you that I would post some circus pictures a couple of weeks ago so I will make sure to include them now. I also wanted to add some pictures of my one tier wedding cake. It was a small project, but I am very proud of the detail and wanted to share with you all.

We told Gideon this week that he is going to be a big brother and that there is a baby inside mommy's tummy. He is very excited and happy. He has been asking for a little brother or sister for about a year now and for the past couple of weeks and was lamenting that we had no baby. He was a very sad little boy. We decided to go ahead and share. He is very cute. He prays for the baby each night while sprawled out on my stomach. He sings to the baby. Oh! And he will be very disappointed if this baby is a girl. He has been calling the baby "he" every chance he gets. I also read a book that Grandma Judy sent him this week about a penguin who watches over his baby egg and at the end a sister hatches out. He was VERY upset when the baby turned out to be a baby sister in the story. We are trying to prepare him that it could be a Peter Marshall or a Myah Elizabeth.

This is Mr. Miller, father of the groom. The only reason I wanted to put him on this blog is that he really looks like he could be a nephew of my Grandpa Bruhn. Very similar facial features. I loved his hugs. They reminded me of my Papa.

The Cake!

I didn't get too many good photos. So here you go!

Gideon looks pretty mesmerized!