Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Neighbors

It has been very interesting being a part of a community that is mainly Orthodox and Hassidic Jews. It is quite intriguing watching them go about their daily business. I guess it kind of feels like those that live in the Amish community might feel.

I went into a local store the other day to buy a kite for Gideon and they didn't have any in stock. Right next door was a Jewish shop and I thought, "Why not? They might have it." We went into their toy section and this is what we found. It was pretty interesting to see what the young little ones play with.

Construction Worker

A little Mitsvah playset with all the Characters for the Ceremony

I wouldn't mind getting this Hebrew Alphabet for Gideon. Start him early for Biblical Language Studies!

Not sure about this one. Looks like it could be a game with pretend traditional ceremonial foods???

Here is a picture off the web of our Jewish friends in Lakewood.

This picture was taken on Main Street just a few blocks from our apartment.

The Jewish community is a very closed group and it is very hard to become close or intimate friends. Hopefully the Lord will give us an opportunity to befriend and sow some seeds.