Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trip to Kentucky and More

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We had an awesome time in Kentucky this past week. We arrived in town about 2 in the afternoon the Friday before Christmas and left early Wednesday morning. We immediately drove over to see my dad. He was being released from Baptist East Hospital after a hip replacement surgery the previous Wednesday. Wow, only two days in the hospital! I am impressed, Dad. While we were there he appeared to be doing much better than his previous surgery on his other hip a few years back. I called my parents last night and he was already starting to use a cane to move around! WTG Dad!

We had a great time with the Sutherland side of the family on Saturday and Sunday. We shopped with Mom and Dad S. on Saturday and then had Christmas with the family on Sunday.
It was a great time being with the family and everyone really enjoyed one another's company.
All of us forgot to take out the cameras while we spent the day together so I have no photos to share. Oops! I wish I had gotten a photo of our nieces and nephew. They are growing so tall!

The next two days were spent over the Gerdis-side. Gideon baked cookies with Grandma Judy (otherwise known as ZsaZsa by Cousin Ethan) on Monday and Aunt Toby and Ethan came for a visit. Kenny bought some new underwear for Gideon while he was out and Aunt Toby thought of something funny to do with the boys. Yikes! Thanks Aunt Toby! Well, at least it will be a good bribe picture when Gideon's a teenager.

We start early on Christmas morning on the Gerdis-side. Everybody got to Dad and Mom's house by about 9:30. Gideon and Ethan had fun eating their food. Yum!

Gideon and Grandma Judy broke the wishbone
and Grandma won! How did she do that? :)

We are now back in Jersey. It was a good trip back and we even saw a rainbow on the way home. It was a gorgeous sky at sunset to our backs with the rain coming down. It was an awesome mixture.

Here is the GPS (TomTom) we got as a Christmas gift. We loved using it on the way home. Kenny and I decided that it is going to be able to give us a lot more freedom when navigating around New Jersey. Yeah!

See the last image above? Well, I thought it would be fun to do this celebrity morph post that I found at It is pretty fun to fool around with. After you upload a photo of yourself or someone else, you can choose collage or morph. A collage will give about 10 different people that your face matches up with and a percentage of how close your face matches up. I will try to put up one of Kenny and Gideon on a different post. If you want to try it out, just click on the link below the image.