Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kentucky Christmas: Nice Memories

Kenny, Gideon, Maia, and I travelled to Kentucky the Eve of Christmas Eve to spend some very much needed quality time with both the Sutherland and Gerdis families, as well as many good friends. We spent nine days in Good Ol' Kentucky and we sure were blessed by so many of you and just catching up with you.

We started our Christmas festivities over at the Sutherland Clan on Christmas Day and then had our Gerdis Christmas the next day. Kenny and I just felt the busy-ness of our lives just melt away and the warmth of family fill our hearts.

The following days we were able to get together with the Paulson Family (unfortunately we forgot our camera that night), Abby, Joel Nussbaum, The Tenney's (to celebrate Heather's birthday), the Henson's to celebrate the New Year's with dinner, a play, dancing, and just pure fun. The last night we spent over at Joel and Toby's and finally got to see my niece, Kaya. I have only seen her one other time and it was so good to hold her in my arms. We had a treat and Julia and Gina were also able to come!

Here is a very long slide show of our time there. You can click on the slide show and go to the pictures uploaded on my web album on Picasa.

WE love you all and had a wonderful Christmas time!

Happy Birthday, Meaghan!

My, sister-in-law, Meaghan is celebrating her birthday today!
She has been part of the Sutherland Clan now for five glorious years!
Hard to believe the years have flown by that quickly?!?

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Hope it is a Wonderful, Glorious Day and Here is to A Fabulous New Year!