Friday, February 20, 2009

I Wonder What God is Up to Now?

I have been reading "Louder Than Words" by Robert Stanley. It is a book on Godly character. I have been reading and discussing this book with my ninth grade literature class. It is a book that they need to be reading for their Bible course and I am working with them on comprehension, vocabulary, summary skills and more. Well, anyway, today we were discussing how the author's idea that it is in our weaknesses where we become more spiritually intimate with God and therefore develop a more Godly character. It was a great discussion today.

Also, in devotions, a colleague (Roxanne Southcott-Roberts), shared from a book she has been reading. I am not sure what the exact title was but I think it was by Kathy Lee DeMoss and it was about the refiner's fire and purifying silver. It really touched me about how the silversmith is constantly right by the fire watching the silver ore as the impurities little by little are exposed and cleared away by the smith as the fire is administered precisely at just the right times with just the right amount of heat. He doesn't give up until he can see his reflection perfectly in the silver, until then it remains in the fire slowly emptying the impurities out. I really related to this anecdote of our Christian lives as my family has definitely been going through some refining this year.

Little did I know that these two lessons were a bit of a preparation for me. I was about to hear some sobering news at the end of the day where I needed to be in the right frame of mind, knowing that my Lord, my Father, has me right where he wants me....right where he wants us, my family. I definitely talk the talk at school with my students and they have seen me walk the walk, but now is another chance to walk the walk one more step.

We got a call from Maia's cardiologist today AND NO THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH MAIA's HEART so please do not panic for her. She is doing great!

Now, back to the story...the office called and the last two checks from our health insurance company have bounced. Now each of Maia's office visits with the echocardiogram and EKG run about $1,400.00 per visit. She used to have them once every week, but we have finally weened to once a month.

The office has informed us that we cannot bring Maia back to Dr. Rivera unless we have at least $700 for this next visit, if not don't even bother coming next Friday.

Kenny's work covers our insurance and it is a self-funded policy, so his company basically pays the medical bills. What does this mean? It means that Kenny's company is so bad off financially that they cannot cover their insurance plan.

This brings so many questions to mind. Will Kenny have a job for very long? Will this upcoming paycheck be there next week? Should we try to get on to my school's health insurance plan for emergency reasons. It is much more expensive and does not even compete in the type of coverage we have been getting through Kenny's work...well at least up until now.

Of course our main concern right now is that Maia get the medical attention and monitoring that she needs to continue to thrive and progress as she has. Dr. Rivera's office was very understanding and they have seen this happen before, but they also needed to set boundaries which is very understandable.

Now, let's go back to the God part of this. What is God up to now? I am excited to see. Am I nervous? Yes. But I need to walk the walk here. Here is another opportunity for Him! Guide us, Lord! Speak to us! Work through us! Work a miracle! Lord we give this to you and lay it down at the altar. Help us not to be tempted to try to fix this on our own! Help us to listen to your still small voice and know where you are pointing us. I want to be faithful! We want to be faithful! Praise you our Abba Father! Thank you for all that you are doing! We will wait to see what you have in store.

Here is an opportunity to become more intimate with you and to refine the impurities out! Okay, Lord. Here we go! You and our family! What a great way to go! The BEST!


Anonymous said...

Hey Trina,

I can't wait to see what God is doing. It is in times like these that you find those great treasures to pass down to your children of how God led you and provided for you. My faith was huge at a young age as our family faced trials and God provided miraculously. There were times I would share with others a need asking for prayer and they would want to try and fix it. I knew that in the situation, that wasn't what God wanted them to do. When I waited on him, I had awesome stories to share and I learned to trust him with every little detail. I am lifting you and your family up tonight.


Unknown said...

I have never doubted that you would turn your eyes to the Lord just don't allow Satan to frustrate you and minimize you Faith in God's promise to supply all your needs. Don't let Satan magnify your fears and cause you to jump ahead of God.
Trina you have always been Kenny's grounding force in your walk and He always looking ahead to run faster to see where God was leading now take special care to walk this together.
Our prayers and joys in your chosen walk fills our hearts with gladness
we love you

mom and dad

ps thank meaghan for the blogging lesson kiss the babies for us

Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration to me and to the many lives you come into contact with each and every day. I too was very blessed by Roxanne's recent devotion about the refiner's fire. As you know, God uses our weaknesses and difficult circumstances to mold us and shape us into who we are supposed to be in Him. Don't get discouraged by your current circumstances, I know that God has something very special planned for your family. I love you and will be praying that God once again "shows up" and does what only he can do! We serve a great and mighty God!