Monday, September 1, 2008

What's Been Happening!

Well, I am going to paste two of the notes I have written on Facebook this past week on today's post. I also have a LOT of pictures that I want to put on this posting as well. I have pics of Gideon's birthday today and I'll add more later on.
August 29th

I had an ultrasound on last Tuesday that further validated an earlier diagnosis that our developing daughter, Maia, has problems with her heart. She has a narrow right ventricle (hypoplastic right ventricle), small triscuspid valve (tricuspid stenosis), possible small pulmonary valve ( pulmonary stenosis), and larger than usual hole between the left and right side of the heart (VSD). I think this is pretty accurate.

The pediatric cardiologist that performed the echocardiogram on Tuesday referred us to the Fetal Cardiac Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We have an appointment with the specialists next Friday, the 5th of September. They will do another in-depth echocardiogram and then a consultation of how matters should proceed from here on out.

I am sure I am in a bit of shell-shock with my emotions, a bit numb, but I also know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is giving me a peace that passes understanding. He is in control. Maia is His not ours. He will do a glorious work in her life no matter what that means. Thank you for your prayers and intercession thus far. Please keep it up! It would be great to see an amazing miracle for her!

Maia means "Mine". I have always thought of it as God saying she is "Mine". His stamp of ownership is upon her life. He is her Abba Father. He is her Great Physician. He will do a perfect work within our daughter, His daughter.

I am starting orientation for the new school year this week and I must say I don't feel as productive as I should trying to prep for classes and prepare my room. I feel torn about what is going on personally and what I need to do professionally. Please be in prayer that I can give my best for each student. School begins next Wednesday for the kids. The very first Friday, I am going to have to leave early and it is very necessary, but I hate that I have to go and leave the students that early on.

God is GOOD all the time. ALL the time God is GOOD!

August 31st

I spent the night looking at personal family blogs of people that have experienced what we will most likely go through in a few short months with our daughter Maia. The pictures of each one of these beautiful children gives me much hope for a somewhat normal life and a definitely happy and hopeful one. These kids are still in the early stages of life. I would like to find some sites that feature families of children with this condition that are older, but for now it does my "heart" good to see these posts.

Please take a look at some of these testimonies and I hope it will encourage you as they have encouraged me.