Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Vacation is Officially Over!

Well, today was the last official day of summer vacation in New Jersey. All the public schools and private schools go back this Wednesday the 3rd. It has been really NICE to have such a long vacation, but I must say that Gideon is rearing to get back. He has been begging me for quite a while to return to school. As I was driving back home from prepping all day in my classroom, I let Gideon know that after dinner, and after bed tonight he would wake up and it would be a school day! He expressively, almost over-dramatically said, "This is what I have ALLLWAAYS been waiting for!!!". Too cute! I am definitely glad that my son has that bent! I pretty much had the same attitude growing up, but what do you expect from a professional teacher???? :)

My mom called tonight and she wanted to let me know that Elisabeth means "God's promise or His Oath". I looked it up when we first picked the name but had forgotten what the meaning was since then. Gotta love that. Basically Maia Elisabeth means MY (mine) Promise! God is definitely soooo Good! She is sending me a bracelet that she got for me and her to wear that says...promise, as a reminder of His promise...her name!

Well, school starts tomorrow. Fortunately it is only an introductory half day, but please be praying for me. I have an appt. with my OB on Thursday after school and then my appt. with the specialists on Friday. I will have to miss the last part of the school day to attend this, so I want to make sure that I carefully planned for the sub who will be assuming the responsibility of my classes on the third school day of the year! Yikes.

Below are some posts of the pictures that will catch you up with all that we have been doing since Gideon's birthday. I haven't been using my camera as much as I usually do because it is causing me problems. I will try to be better. I didn't get as many pics of the family in Louisville as I thought I would, because I thought we would have more time there and have more photo ops, but God had different plans! :)