Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SUMMER is HERE and I can BLOG again!!!

Well, I know that it has been way too long since the last time I posted. I can tell this by the number of various pictures on my camera that I just uploaded onto my computer tonight and of course the date of my last blog posting. Yikes!

We have done a lot since that last posting. Gideon got some new clothes from Grandma Judy, got a big-boy haircut, my class went on two field trips (one to Trenton and one to the Philly Zoo), we went camping.

Today I attended a Outside Luncheon put on by one of my student's families and it was wonderful. What a lovely day! Three of their girls performed a musical ensemble for us. My student, Julia, played a solo on her flute. The girls were wonderful with Gideon as well. He had a wonderful time with them and it was hard to tear him away from their house after five hours of fellowship and play.

I did find out that I will have my ultrasound next Tuesday the 24th. I don't know if I will find out any information that day since I have to go to a perinatologist due to my "extreme age"! LOL
Fortunately, I have OBGYN appt. set up two days later. So sometime next week we will hopefully know the sex of the baby, if the little one cooperates and doesn't cross his or her legs throughout the ultrasound screening.

Gideon and I hope to be in Louisville in the week of July 7th and will be staying for about 1 month!!! Unfortunately, Kenny will not be able to join us. He will need to save all his vacation days for when the baby is due in November. We are excited to see as many of our family and friends as we can jam in to that month!!!! Yeah!