Sunday, April 27, 2008

Angel Food Ministries


Although not for the vegetarian in your life, as the times get more difficult and prices soar on all our commodities Angel Food Ministries is a viable option. With restaurant quality food, no seconds or expired food this ministry is filling important gaps in our society. So what is Angel Food Ministries?

In 1994, Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo found their hearts going out to the families of many of the local families in Monroe, GA, affected by the recent industrial plant closings. On their back porch, the first Angel Food distribution fed 34 families. Over the next years, other churches wanted to be get involved, and Angel Food began feeding hundreds of families across the Southeast. Now, Angel Food feeds over 500,000 families a month in 35 states. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness!

The ministry partners with companies and distributors that normally feed the restaurant market. So the quality of food is top notch. The average saving based on comparable food at the grocery store 50-75% cheaper based on where you live.

So how do they do it? They buy in bulk and pass the savings onto the buyer using suppliers that are not available to the normal consumer. Once you purchase your first unit ( 1 unit is supposed to feed a family of four for 1 week) you will see how over priced restaurant food really is.

The ministry only charges a small administration fee on each unit to cover cost, and partners with churches to be their distribution arm. The process is easy and we have been thoroughly satisfied by the quality.

There are no income requirements or any paperwork to fill out you just go to the local site and place your order monthly and pick it up on the designated pick up date. This is alot like community grocery stores that work on a volunteer basis and only cover the cost to keep food at its lowest possible cost. This wont cover all your food needs but it will make a huge dent. Even with purchasing fresh vegetables and other as sundries at the local food store we have seen our monthly food bill cut in half.

I encourage you all to look at the site for Angel Food Ministries and seriously contemplate using this ministry. I feel that it is a unique blessing form God to deal with the current economic situation as well as the uncertain future.

Also a great site that puts out recipes for the current months unit menu is on Hillbilly Housewife and it is a great aide to using the food to the fullest.

In Him Ken Trina Gideon and Plus One

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lions, And Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

We had a wonderful day at the Philadelphia Zoo. We got on the road about 10 this morning. It takes about an hour and a half to get there from Lakewood. It was a great day for a drive. Gorgeous weather! The trees are ready in bloom up here.

We arrived right around 11:30 just like we thought. We drove through some side streets in downtown Philly instead of using the parking lot of a highway that our GPS was telling us to use. Thank goodness we veered when we did or we would have taken another hour just to travel four more miles! We passed by the Art Museum that Sylvester Stallone runs up in the famous scene in the first ROCKY movie (link). That was a very cool thing!

The zoo was great! It was definitely more warm that we thought it was going to be today. We dressed Gideon in jeans and soon realized that it should have been a "shorts day". Oh well. He seemed okay other than a complaint of how hot it was here and there.

We saw elephants, rhino, kangaroos, hippos, polar bears, birds, marmosets, elephant shrews, alligators, cobras, and so much more. Gideon had a great time. He was very disappointed however when we were headed out of the park and the GIANT and I mean GIANT hot air balloon was not doing anymore rides for the day.

Right after we left the house this morning, I realized that I wish I had brought the address and name of the restaurant that was featured last week on Bobby Flay's Throwdown show. They make excellent varieties of grill cheese sandwiches and boy did they look good. I had a hunch that it was close to the zoo. I couldn't find anyone at the zoo that knew what I was talking about or we could have typed in the name into our GPS system and found it. When we got home I typed it into our search engine and voila! It was only 4 1/2 miles from the zoo! We will have to go back sometime and experience that shop. The menu looks amazing! They even have a menu for babies with varieties of baby food to choose from. Coolness! Oh yeah! The shop was called the Pop Shop (link)!

Gideon serenaded us with combination home-made worship/action fighter songs to and from the zoo. He was a very happy child today. When we were almost home, Kenny turned to me and told me that he loved his heart but he wished he could tell him no more. But you can't stop such cuteness and childish innocence. We loved it!

I'll try to post the pictures from the circus in a couple of days! Love You All!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Neighbors

It has been very interesting being a part of a community that is mainly Orthodox and Hassidic Jews. It is quite intriguing watching them go about their daily business. I guess it kind of feels like those that live in the Amish community might feel.

I went into a local store the other day to buy a kite for Gideon and they didn't have any in stock. Right next door was a Jewish shop and I thought, "Why not? They might have it." We went into their toy section and this is what we found. It was pretty interesting to see what the young little ones play with.

Construction Worker

A little Mitsvah playset with all the Characters for the Ceremony

I wouldn't mind getting this Hebrew Alphabet for Gideon. Start him early for Biblical Language Studies!

Not sure about this one. Looks like it could be a game with pretend traditional ceremonial foods???

Here is a picture off the web of our Jewish friends in Lakewood.

This picture was taken on Main Street just a few blocks from our apartment.

The Jewish community is a very closed group and it is very hard to become close or intimate friends. Hopefully the Lord will give us an opportunity to befriend and sow some seeds.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's Tackle One More Thing...Shall We?

Well, many of you know that I have been dealing with "issues" of my pregnancy for over two weeks now. I will be going in on Thursday for another examination with my OBGYN, so I don't have too much more to offer you on my condition currently. My symptoms seem to be waning though and I am hoping that I am seeing a light at the end of this rollercoaster tunnel I have been experiencing.

HOWEVER, Kenny is a different issue. He has been having nagging symptoms himself for over a week now. He has had chest heaviness and pain, tingling in his left arm, cold sweats, nausea, etc. He has been to his doctor a few times, but she really thought it was gastric-related. Well, Monday night we went to bed early and Kenny woke me up at about 9 telling me that we had to get to the hospital right away. He was in severe pain in his chest. Well, we got Gideon in some clothes and hightailed it the hospital. He didn't want this picture taken. Can you tell?

When we were in the ER he had an initial ecocardiogram that showed normal readings of his heart so then he was put on the back of the priority list. We stayed in the ER until 4:30 a.m.
We called our assistant pastor earlier in the evening and his wife and son picked up Gideon at about 10:30. That was such a blessing. Gideon was excited to go.

Well, I left about the time that Kenny was being moved into a room for admission. The doctor wanted to monitor him more, considering his family history (grandfather died of heart attack in his mid forties and mom had a heart attack in her forties). They did numerous tests on him the past two days and even did the nuclear dye and stress test last evening and this morning. The cardiologist just came in and told him that he is positive that he has no heart disease or issues at this time. Praise the Lord! He thinks it must be gastrointeritis as well.

Kenny already has an appointment for an endoscopy on Friday so hopefully this will give us more answers. He is really feeling lousy and has even been fasting in the evenings so his symptoms would hopefully subside in the evenings when he is trying to sleep. Please be praying for healing!

Gideon and I stayed home today. Gideon was throwing up throughout the night. He does not seem to be sick today. I think it might have been stress-related. He had a great time at the pastor's house with their kids, but I think it was more stressful on him than he was letting on. Poor thing! I think just staying home with momma and relaxing today was just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully we can get back to normalcy tomorrow (whatever that is lately :))

Thank you so much for all the prayers the past few weeks! We have definitely felt the intercession. I thank our Lord we have such good friends and family that are such prayer warriors!

Oh here are the latest school photos of Gideon!
This looks like the famous Sutherland head-tilt!!!! :)